Image SPKR.6.8.A


SPKR.6.8.A – 8 Ohm 6 Inch Round Dual Cone Speaker 30W

8 Ohm 6 Inch Round Dual Cone Speaker

Designed for the rugged environment of heavy-duty trucks, Taoglas speakers deliver long-lasting pure and true sound. Our 8-Ohm 6-inch round dual-cone, full range high sensitivity speaker series provides distortion-free audio, high fidelity, high power handling and is a low-cost solution for car, truck, and RV applications. It is also primed for IoT applications such as Smart Home in which the use of speakers is becoming more commonplace.

Taoglas’ slim design, full range speakers are easy to install. Multiple mounting hole patterns provide flexibility for attaching to a vehicle door panel or integrating into a home Hi-Fi speaker cabinet. Installation requires just two cables to be routed.

Contact your local Taoglas customer service team for more information or installation guidelines.

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