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MA233 – 3in1 Stream Adhesive Antenna Designed for use on Metal GPS/GLONASS/Galileo, Cellular LTE, Wi-Fi

3in1 Stream Adhesive Antenna Designed for use on Metal

The Stream 3in1 MA233 is an adhesive mount antenna specifically designed for use on metal surfaces. With GPS-GLONASS-Galileo, LTE and Dual Band Wi-Fi, the Stream is a low profile, heavy-duty, fully IP67 rated external M2M antenna for use by RF professionals in
telematics, transportation and remote monitoring applications.

The Stream 3in1 is unique in the market as it combines the highest possible efficiency and peak gain for GPS-GLONASS-Galileo, Wi-Fi dual-band and all cellular bands in 4G/3G/2G in a low profile compact format. It is mounted via high quality, first tier automotive approved, 3M adhesive foam. The patent pending design incorporates a custom Taoglas 35mm GPS-GLONASS-GALILEO patch antenna on an extended integral ground-plane. A front-end SAW filter dramatically reduces radiated spurious emissions.

The extended ground-plane used with an innovative internal LTE PIFA also enables wide frequency bandwith to cover LTE with fallback to 3G/2G in order to deliver the highest performance possible at 3 meters cable lengths. High antenna efficiencies are absolutely critical in today’s systems in able to achieve targeted dataspeeds and coverage. A powerful Wi-Fi dual-band antenna covering 2.4 & 5.8GHz gives maximum gain and coverage for common applications.

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