MA910 Guardian 2-in-1 Adhesive Mount Wi-Fi MIMO(1&2) with Wi-Fi 6 Capability

The MA910 Guardian is a low-profile 2-in-1 adhesive mount Wi-Fi (with Wi-Fi 6 included) MIMO external antenna. As part of the first series of panel antenna worldwide designed for IoT gateway and router devices, it belongs to a new generation of combination antenna. The antenna functions at all Wi-Fi frequencies (2.4-2.5GHz, 5-7.125GHz) meaning it is a future-proof solution for any devices

The MA910 Guardian is ideal for Wi-Fi applications requiring the increased data throughput and range provided by MIMO technology, all in a convenient and compact form factor. It is designed with high efficiency and gain as well as high isolation between the antennas to prevent self-interference. Low loss cables are used to keep efficiency high over long cable lengths. With its heavy-duty, fully IP67 casing, the MA910 Guardian can withstand a range of environments.

All these factors make the MA910 Guardian antenna an excellent choice for use by RF professionals in:
– IoT Gateway and Routers
– HD Video Streaming
– Transportation
– Remote monitoring applications

The standard MA910 Guardian antenna comes with 3 meter, low loss KSR-200-P coaxial cable. Customized cables and connector versions are also available. Also available in white, contact your regional Taoglas customer support team for further information.

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