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AJA.02 Cipher 2.4GHz Flexible Cable Dipole Antenna with Integrated Anti-Jamming Out-of-Band Filter, I-PEX MHF® I (U.FL)

The Taoglas Cipher AJA.02 2.4GHz flexible anti-jamming antenna is ideal for use in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) applications. It has an excellent efficiency of over 60% in the 2.4 to 2.5 GHz range and is small, lightweight and easy to install. The flexible cable allows it to be wrapped to a sub-structure, such as a plastic support leg or wing of a UAV.

The antenna includes an embedded ceramic dielectric filter which helps preserve maximum reception range and signal quality by preventing out-of-band signals from overdriving the LNA in your receiver. Note due to the inherent nature of all antennas in-band noise cannot be filtered out. In that case keep the antenna has far away from the source of interference as possible.

The AJA.02 antenna has a near-isotropic radiation pattern allowing for good coverage at most angles and when mounted in pairs, especially at 90 degrees to each other, can allow for radio transmission and reception without dead spots.

The antenna length and connector can be customized, or other versions designed specifically for your needs. Please contact your regional Taoglas sales office to order or for more information.

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