Image AP.12F.07.0045A


AP.12F GPS/GALILEO 2 Stage Active Patch 13.4*13.4*6mm, 45mm Ø1.13mm, I-PEX MHF® I (U.FL)

The AP.12F has been designed specifically for embedded (inside device) integration with GPS/GALILEO receiver modules where there is a GSM transmitter nearby and risk of interference and saturation. The AP.12F combines a 12*12*3.5mm advanced low profile ceramic patch antenna with a two-stage LNA and a front-end SAW filter with ultra thin coaxial cable. Only 5.6mm in height, this Taoglas active antenna module utilises XtremeGain™ technology for the highest industry sensitivity. The AP.12F consists of 2 functional blocks – the LNA and also the patch antenna. The AP.12F has a SAW filter on the front of it. The main use of the AP.12F would be for small devices where the GSM transmitter is close to the GPS/GALILEO antenna, it helps avoid burn-out of the LNA or the module due to interference from the GSM transmitter at out band frequencies.

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