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Apex TG.30 5G/4G White Terminal Antenna Hinged SMA(M)

The Apex TG.30 is an omnidirectional 5G/4G LTE antenna. This hinged connector, dipole LTE Antenna is primarily designed for use with 4G LTE modules and devices that require the highest possible efficiency and peak gain in order to deliver best-in-class throughput. Ideal for all major worldwide cellular bands, it is perfect for access points, terminals, and routers. The antenna is ground plane independent with an SMA(M) connector and swivel mechanism that allows the antenna to be rotated. The Apex is backward compatible with 3G/2G cellular applications such as GSM, LTE, UMTS, Wi-Fi, and even GPS bands for Assisted GPS and/or E911 applications. With very high efficiency on all global cellular bands, it is an ideal solution for any device requiring reliable performance. It is also guaranteed to meet any type of approval or carrier certification requirements from an RF standpoint.

The Apex TG.30 has a robust, UV-resistant housing that has been designed so the TG.30 can be used in challenging of environments. The swivel hinge mechanism allows the antenna itself to be orientated in different directions and can help avoid touching off other antennas or objects close by as well as helping with isolation by orientating the antenna in different directions in MIMO systems for when other TG.30 antennas are used on the same device.

This patented antenna is available in both white and black versions, and it is also available with straight and right-angle connectors. For more information, contact your regional Taoglas customer support teams.

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