Image OMB.915.K11F21


Barracuda X – 11dBi 915MHz Omnidirectional Outdoor Antenna

Barracuda X 11dBi 915MHz Omnidirectional Outdoor Antenna

The Taoglas Barracuda X, OMB.915.K11F21, is a fiberglass omnidirectional outdoor antenna, operating on the 915MHz ISM band and is designed to offer long-distance coverage. The antenna is designed for applications such as metering, industrial & environmental monitoring, remote asset monitoring and mesh network applications. The 915MHz band is one of the most widely used license-free ISM bands. Typical applications are in SigFox, LoRa, and private LPWA networks.

With an 11.7dBi peak gain, the OMB.915.K11F21 omnidirectional antenna radiates uniformly in the azimuth. This collinear design characteristic provides the best performance, giving optimized coverage and therefore longer range in the horizontal plane over 360 degrees, thus minimizing the number of nodes needed for a mesh network. The larger size on this antenna allows for a greater peak gain and performance across the 915MHz ISM band.

The UV resistant fiberglass housing enables the OMB antenna to be utilized in all kinds of harsh environments making it more robust and safer than traditional whip antennas. It can be connected directly to the access point or telemetry unit or can be mounted on the wall or device surface via the N-type connector and a pole-mount and wall-mount bracket is included.

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