Image CA.69


CA.69 169MHz 7dBi Polymer Substrate Chip Antenna 25.2*5.1*0.8mm

The CA.69 Polymer Substrate Chip Antenna from Taoglas 169 MHz is specifically designed for VHF 169MHz band applications. It is a high-efficiency miniature SMD edge mounted antenna with small footprint requirement. This chip antenna uses the main PCB as its ground plane, thereby increasing antenna efficiency. It is tuned for different PCB sizes by simply changing the value of the matching circuit. CA.69 antenna electrical properties are symmetrical therefore the antenna can be soldered to the board from either side. This antenna is delivered on tape and reel.

Small low-frequency antennas such as CA.69 need to be carefully tuned and integrated into devices to perform optimally given the narrowband tuning required, so contact your regional Taoglas sales office for support on gerber review of your layout, advice on ground-plane layout and transmission line design. Taoglas also recommends we test your final device prototype with CA.69 on board and provide final matching values. Taoglas has tested the CA.69 mounted in realistic conditions in metal or semi-metal meter housings with the latest high power modules from Telit and achieved read ranges of more than one hundred metres. Applications VHF Band Applications