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Torpedo AQHA.11 Active High Precision GNSS External Permanent Mount RTK GNSS L1 Antenna


Quad-Helix Optimized Radiation Pattern
Wide Input Voltage Range
Dual-Stage LNA
IP67 Rated
92.5 Diameter x 120mm Height
RoHS & REACH Compliant

Application Note

Image AQHA.11.A.101111


Torpedo AQHA.11 Active High Precision GNSS External Permanent Mount RTK GNSS L1 Antenna

RTK GNSS L1 Antenna

The AQHA.11 is an RTK GNSS quadrifilar helix L1 antenna for demanding GPS / GLONASS / BeiDou / Galileo applications. Its wide bandwidth allows maximum coverage of the main global satellite constellations. The wide axial ratio beamwidth of the quad-helix provides excellent reception and signal fidelity across the sky, reducing multipath effects, all while seeing more low elevation satellites compared to patch antenna designs. The AQHA.11 provides an excellent choice for high-stability single-band GNSS positioning and timing applications.

The position deviation data shown below shows a tight cluster of deviation points indicating a very high level of positioning accuracy. This circular pattern also depicts a highly stable and reliable fix. More information on this and a comparison summary between this and another GNSS positioning antenna can be seen in the Application Note.

With modern GNSS receivers, it is possible to create a decimeter or centimeter level positioning system. A lightweight, compact antenna such as the FXP611 can be used and still benefit from RTK or DGPS techniques to provide decimeter-level positioning.

A high-performance antenna such as the AQHA.11, by contrast, can bring centimeter-level positioning and timing solutions to a whole new level for a wide variety of applications such as Autonomous Driving, Augmented Reality, Remote Monitoring, and Connected Health to name a few that will deploy centimeter-level accuracy.

Typical Applications include Timing, Precision Positioning, Telematics and Autonomous Routing. The AQHA.11 is provided with a dual-stage combined front-end, which provides high rejection, low noise figure, and excellent gain. The amplifiers accept a wide input voltage range of 2 to 24V and requires low current (10mA typical). The quad-helix AQHA.11 is ready for outdoor industrial and commercial usage with full -40 to +85°C

Cable and connector are customizable, contact your regional Taoglas office for support.

Technical Specification
Name Value
Antenna Type External Antennas, GNSS
Impedance 50
Minimum Operating Temperature -40°C
Maximum Operating Temperature 85°C
Mounting Style Screw
Termination Style Connector
Antenna Connector Type SMA
Cable Type RG-174
Connector Body Style Straight
Polarity RHCP
Frequency Range 1559 - 1610MHz
Connector Polarity Normal
Cable Length (mm) 1000
Packaging Carton
IP Rating IP67
RoHS Yes
Gain (Max) 28
GNSS Type Active GNSS
GNSS Bands L1
Length (mm) 92.45
Width (mm) 92.45
Height (mm) 120
Weight (g) 325

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