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DBP.868.U.A.30 Dielectric Band Pass Filter for 868MHz


Center Frequency 868MHz
Supports European ISM Radio Applications Low Insertion Loss
Low Pass-Band Ripple
High Ultimate Attenuation
Dimensions: 9.0*7.3*3.65mm

Image DBP.868.U.A.30


DBP.868.U.A.30 Dielectric Band Pass Filter for 868MHz


Taoglas are utilizing their deep understanding of the RF component design and manufacturing process to provide high-quality, small-form-factor, cost-effective and easy to implement RF filters. The Taoglas Filters Division will feature a range of off-the-shelf filters for a variety of applications, including filters for emerging license-free bands used for IoT and for GPS L1/L2 and L1/L5 applications.

We can also work with customers to develop bespoke filter solutions. Taoglas dielectric filters are designed to be used in wireless transmitters or receivers. These filters are designed to protect the LNA from noisy out of band emissions originated from nearby transmitters that can overdrive, or even damage your LNA. Overdriving the LNA results in non-linear distortion which negatively impacts the sensitivity of your receiver.

By selecting the proper Taoglas filter you can eliminate unnecessary out of band noise while maintaining minimal in-band insertion loss. The filter is manufactured as a single ceramic block [monoblock] which provides high reliability, low insertion loss and high attenuation in a simple compact SMD package. The DBP.868.U.A.30 is a standard Taoglas product but can be customized for specific customer needs. For more information please contact your regional sales office.

Technical Specification
Name Value
Series DBP
Frequency 868MHz
Bandwidth 4MHz
Filter Type Band Pass
Impedance 50
Insertion Loss 3
Mounting Type SMD
Length (mm) 9
Width (mm) 7.3
Height (mm) 3.65
Weight (g) n/a

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