Image FXR.01.07.0100C.A


FXR.01.A NFC Flex PCB antenna 53.34*36.83*0.24mm, 100mm Ø1.37mm, I-PEX MHF® I (U.FL)

Taoglas has developed an NFC (Near Field Communications) antenna for use with NFC readers. This standard design is matched to a 50 Ohm system and provides a well-matched solution for NFC readers. The antenna is dimensioned to provide the capability of interrogating typical size NFC tags out to a 5 cm. distance. This standard antenna is delivered with a coaxial cable connected to the antenna element to ease use and integration into customer devices.

The flex design provides a flexible antenna that can be adhered to the plastic enclosure of the customer device. At only 0.1mm thickness it allows antenna placement in small devices and takes minimum footprint. The standard NFC antenna has an integrated matching circuit to provide a well-matched antenna. The Q of the antenna/matching circuit combination has been selected to provide a solution where the bandwidth and read performance have been optimized for best tag interrogation performance. Along with the integrated coaxial cable, this antenna is read to connect to the reader for quick installation and operation.

This standard antenna design can be modified to provide a customized solution where the antenna area is maximized for a specific application to enhance interrogation distance. With the NFC protocol being based on magnetic coupling between the reader antenna and the NFC tag antenna, the antenna area will directly relate to interrogation distance.

Three areas of modification that can be undertaken are:
  1. Optimize area of the antenna design for a specific application
  2. Customize matching circuit for a specific application
  3. Apply ferrite material to improve interrogation distance

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