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FXUB71 Wideband 5G/4G 600-6000MHz Flex 2xMIMO 150mm Ø1.37, I-PEX MHF® I (U.FL)

5G/4G Flexible MIMO Antenna

The patent pending FXUB71 antenna is an industry leading embedded 5G/4G 2*2 MIMO flexible polymer monopole type antenna for worldwide 5G/4G applications, which operates across the full 600-6000MHz spectrum. The antenna comes with a micro coax cable and connector and has good efficiency and isolation between ports, critical for optimal 5G/4G wireless performance.

Typical applications
– Gateways and Routers
– High speed HD streaming
– Wireless Access Points
– Handheld Devices
– High capacity MIMO networks for Public Transportation

With over 30% efficiency on all bands, isolation performance between the two ports is under -10dB in all bands. The antenna has been designed in a slim rectangular form-factor, with its own automotive quality 3M 467 adhesive backing tape, to ensure good isolation and convenient installation into typical M2M/IOT devices. Simply peel and stick onto your plastic housing.

The antenna is tuned to work on a reference ABS plastic of 2mm of thickness which is a common standard for most device plastics. Cable routing has been carefully planned to ensure no cross-over of cable, and a logical and hassle free installation. Like all such antennas, care should be taken to mount the antenna at least 10mm from metal components or surfaces, and ideally 20mm for best radiation efficiency.

Before integration of the antenna in your device, especially if you require PTCRB or US network approvals, please contact your regional Taoglas customer support team. Cable length and connector type are fully customizable, for further information please contact your regional Taoglas customer support team.

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