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GLA.01 GPS/GALILEO 5*3*0.5mm Ceramic Loop Antenna

Taoglas has developed a unique ceramic miniature loop antenna series for GPS/GALILEO applications. At 5.0*3.0*0.5mm, the GLA.01 GPS/GALILEO Loop antenna is a miniature edge-mounted antenna designed for small space requirements. The radiation pattern is more omnidirectional than traditional patch antennas. The GLA loop antenna series show at least three times the efficiency of traditional linear polarized 1575.42MHz MHz antennas. Efficiencies of 40% to 90% are achievable. A peak gain of 2.5dBi places this antenna’s gain performance within the range of a much larger 15mm to 18mm patch antenna.

Mechanically, the GLA.01 at only 0.5mm in height has a very low profile, and with a footprint of 6.0 x 5.5mm needs less space on the board. It does require a clearance of 6.0 x 5.5mm. Based on the loop effect, this antenna works best when placed on the center of the edge of the board, but can still work better than traditional linear polarized chip antennas even when placed at corners as a substitute. The GLA.01 is delivered on tape and reel and now allows M2M customers to use an omnidirectional antenna in devices where the orientation of the product is unknown. 1.1.

  • Navigation or position tracking systems
  • Hand-held devices when GPS/GALILEO function is needed, e.g., smartphone. PDA

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