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Havok PCS.06.M Low Profile 4G Cellular SMD Dielectric Antenna


Low Profile LTE/Cellular 4G SMD Dielectric Antenna
3G/2G Fallback
High Efficiency Multi-Band SMD antenna
Dimensions: 42*10*3mm
RoHS & REACH Compliant

Image PCS.06.M


Havok PCS.06.M Low Profile 4G Cellular SMD Dielectric Antenna


Havok PCS.06.M Low Profile 4G Cellular SMD Dielectric Antenna

The Havok PCS.06.M is a low profile 4G Cellular SMD Dielectric embedded antenna designed for direct SMD mount on a device PCB. It provides high efficiency in a very small factor 42*10*3mm. If tuning is required it can be tuned for the device environment, while there is no need for new tooling.

Its rectangular shape and very small size make it is very easy to integrate – packaged in tape and reel, it can be mounted via pick and place to reflow solder directly on the edge of the PCB board. This antenna is recommended to be used with longer ground-plane lengths of 120mm or more to attain its highest rated efficiency, note the return loss and efficiency graphs in this datasheet.

The PCS.06.M is a mirrored version of the standard PCS.06.A and it has been designed to operate in parallel with the PCS.06.A in a MIMO system.

Typical Applications Include:
Handheld Devices
Remote Monitoring
MIMO Cellular Devices

The antenna is suitable for lower cost cellular applications, especially for telematics and automotive sector. Contact your regional Taoglas customer support team for quick and professional support from our senior engineering team on integration and matching of the antenna to your device.

Technical Specification
Name Value
RoHS Yes
Antenna Type Embedded Antennas, Cellular
Mechanical Style PCB
Gain (Max) 4.3
Impedance 50
Minimum Operating Temperature -40°C
Maximum Operating Temperature 85°C
Mounting Style SMD/SMT
Termination Style SMD/SMT
Polarity Linear
Frequency Range 698MHz - 2690MHz
Cable Length (mm) n/a
Packaging Tape & Reel
Length (mm) 42
Width (mm) 10
Height (mm) 3
Weight (g) 2.5

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