Image PCS.26.A


PCS.26.A Havok Low Profile LTE/Cellular SMD Dielectric Antenna including 600MHz

The PCS.26.A is a low-profile SMD 4G/LTE embedded antenna designed for direct SMD mount on a device PCB. It provides high efficiency in a very small form factor, at 54.6*13*3mm. Its rectangular shape and very small size make it very easy to integrate. Packaged in tape and reel, it can be mounted via pick and place to reflow solder directly on the edge of the PCB board.

The antenna is a great match for lower cost cellular applications, particularly in the telematics and automotive sector, but also for IoT applications as it exhibits outstanding performance on variable ground plane lengths – meaning it can be used in small devices.

Typical Applications Include:
– IoT Sensors and devices
– Connected Health
– Wearables

Some tuning can be performed on this antenna to help optimize the device environment. Contact your regional Taoglas customer support team for further information.

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