Image MA120.A.QP.001


Hercules MA120 2in1 450MHz and 868MHz Permanent Mount Antenna

The MA120 antenna is a high-performance 450MHz and 868MHz combination thread mount antenna for external use with smart meters, gateways, mesh networks, vehicles and outdoor and indoor assets. It is designed for heavy-duty work with extra thick threads. The UV resistant polycarbonate housing is IP65 rated, resistant to vandalism and direct attack. At only 29mm high and a diameter of 49mm this unique antenna is the lowest profile and smallest worldwide. The antenna has been tested in free space and on varying sizes of ground-planes, showing good frequency stability, allowing its use in many different mounting environments.

A closed cell foam on base prevents water leaking into the mounting hole, while also providing a secure seal to a contoured surface. The standard cable and connector is 1 meter RG316. High-quality FEP (Teflon) jacket is used for the cable. This makes the cable very flexible and able to operate in high-temperature environments, corrosion resistant. Note this antenna is designed for short-range communication in the range of meters to hundreds of meters. For cable lengths longer than 2 meters or where very long communication ranges are desired, apart from needing a higher transmit power from the transmitter, it is recommended to go with much larger high gain stand-alone whip or fiberglass Omni type antennas, to counteract losses in the cables.