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I-Bar ISA.06 400~470MHz 0dBi Adhesive ABS Mount Antenna, 3M RG-174

The ISA.06 is an omnidirectional 400MHz to 470MHz UHF band antenna with an IP67 level protection antenna for internal or external applications. The housing is made of robust TPR and can flex up to 20 degrees to fit curved surfaces. Unlike our competitors, Taoglas shows full performance data for our antennas. The ISA.06 shows real gain figures and radiation patterns INCLUDING cable losses, tested in state of the art low-frequency anechoic chambers. We have invested heavily in research to create a uniquely wideband UHF antenna with a minimum 70MHz bandwidth that can replace expensive externally mounted antenna solutions.

The wide-band compared to other narrow-band 20MHz antennas delivers more stable performance in more environments with more resistance to detuning. All low-frequency UHF antennas need to be tuned to suit their mounting environment. For this reason, this antenna is tuned to be mounted on plastic surfaces (i.e. excluding metal or glass mounting), so is ideal for covert non-obtrusive placement in vehicles. For glass-mount applications please use ISA.01.

Typical applications are in law enforcement (Tetra and public safety), remote telemetry, public transportation, mining. At only 10.5mm thick and 42mm in width, its semi-flexible properties, and strong 3M automotive approved double-sided adhesive allows for convenient installation. The standard cable is 3 meters RG174 coaxial cable. Cable length and connector type are fully customizable The ISA.06 can be customized for other low-frequency bands for a minimum order quantity. Please contact your local Taoglas sales office.

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