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ISA.05 915MHz 5.12dBi ISM Band Adhesive Antenna, 300mm Ø1.37mm coax cable, I-PEX MHF® I (U.FL)

The Taoglas ISA.05 adhesive mounted antenna is designed primarily for 915 MHz ISM Band compact wireless applications where it may or may not be attached to metal. When placed on a reference 30cm square ground-plane, the antenna has an excellent directional hemispherical radiation pattern, high peak gain of 5dBi at zenith, and an efficiency of 68%. Even without a ground-plane underneath, the antenna achieves 0dBi and an efficiency of 45%. The antenna is IP65 water-resistant and comes standard with a Micro-Coaxial cable with 1.37mm diameter and IPEX MHFHT® connector.

The Taoglas ISA.05 is an excellent solution for the following applications:
  • Environments where there are lots of metal objects that it may be mounted to (such as near a car engine)
  • RFID Readers
  • Short range 915MHz mesh networks Cable type, length, and connector can be customized

Mechanical customization of the antenna can also be done for a minimum order quantity. Please contact your regional Taoglas office for more details.

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