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MA1509 Synergy 9-in-1 Next Generation Combination Permanent Mount Antenna – GNSS, 4*5G/4G Cellular & 4*Wi-Fi with 5m Braided Cable Assembly

9-in-1 permanent mount antenna GNSS, 4*5G MIMO, 4*Dual-Band Wi-Fi MIMO

The Taoglas Synergy MA1509 is a 9-in-1 next-generation permanent mount antenna for vehicle roof applications. The 9 antennas inside support 5G Sub 6GHz Bands and LTE, GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou, Wi-Fi (2.4G/5G). This outstanding patent-pending antenna delivers powerful MIMO antenna technology for 5G/LTE, Wi-Fi 2.4/5.8GHz 802.11n and the emerging 802.11ac, and an optimized GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou patch antenna for location positioning. The 5G/4G antennas also include backward compatibility to work at most worldwide 3G/2G bands. It has a fully IP67 rated waterproof robust ABS enclosure and base.

Typical Applications:
  • Next Generation OEM Automotive Connectivity
  • Multimedia, Navigation and Telematics Systems
  • V2V, V2X and Fleet Management Applications
  • Real-time HD Video Streaming
  • First Net Responder Routers

The MA1509 is ideal for applications that require highly sophisticated antennas for real-time streaming applications that demand high-speed video uplink and downlink into the cabin of the vehicle. These challenges are resolved by the highly efficient, high gain MIMO antennas, with high isolation, all of which is necessary to achieve the required signal to noise ratio and throughput.

The MA1509 can also be customized for your particular wireless application and frequency band, subject to NRE and MOQ. There are 8x 300mm RG-316 cables, terminating in SMA(M) connectors for 5G/LTE MIMO 4X4, and RP SMA(M) for Wi-Fi MIMO 4X4. There is a 300mm RG-174 cable for GNSS terminating in an SMA(M) connector.

All cable lengths and connector types are customizable. The Synergy MA1509 can be supplied with low loss CFD-200 cable extensions for longer cable runs. Contact your regional Taoglas customer services team for details and support.

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