Image FW.90.SMA.M


Meteor FW.90 4G/3G/2G Cellular Flexible Whip, SMA(M)

Meteor FW.90 Flexible Whip Monopole Antenna

The FW.90 is a flexible cellular whip antenna with IP65 housing. It has a wide response and high peak gain. Ideal for outdoor environments which require high gain, on both lower and upper bands. Its unique characteristic is it has stable above 2dBi peak gain on all five common 2G/3G GSM/CDMA cellular bands used worldwide (when attached to a 30cm x 30cm metal plate). The antenna radiates best attached to a metal plate but it can still perform without.

TNC and N-Type Connector antenna versions are also available.

The FW.90 can be used with a wall mounting bracket, and we have designed an L-shaped bracket for that use, the Cyclops WM.90.

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