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Cyclops WM.90 4G/3G/2G Cat M1/LTE-M Wall Mount Flexible Whip

Cyclops WM.90 4G/3G/2G Cat M1/LTE-M Wall Mount Flexible Whip

The WM.90 wall mount flexible whip monopole has high performance on all common 4G/3G/2G & Cat M1/LTE-M bands used worldwide. Taoglas specifications are compiled completely from real-life testing in state of the art CTIA approved 3D anechoic chambers. Peak gain, average gain/efficiency are both optimized to provide extended coverage area in the azimuth (horizontal direction), while also maintaining an Omni-directional pattern for close in reception/transmission. Testing of the whip antenna on the bracket, in free-space, and on a reference ground-plane has been done to show the benefit of the L-bracket.

This antenna delivers wider coverage areas and more reliable connections for professional customers in the automotive, industrial industries. The whip is made up of a flexible inner steel core covered by TPU so extremely resistant to collisions and maintaining its original shape and RF performance. The whip and the connection internally to the bracket is IP65 waterproof.

The bracket allows complete concealment of the cable for a more secure integration and cleaner installation. The cable can also be routed out of the back wall of the bracket into the interior of the mounting wall for added security against vandalism. The standard version comes with 3 meters extremely low loss CFD-200 (0.3dB against 0.7dB for RG-58) to allow for flexibility of placement. The cable and connector can be completely customized, the whip itself can also be changed for different frequency bands or gain requirements. Please contact your regional Taoglas customer support team for more information.

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