Image MA172.A.LBC.001


Monsoon MA172.A.LBC.001 – Monsoon 3 in 1 GNSS, Dual-Band Wi-Fi & LTE Low Profile Permanent Mount Antenna

The Monsoon MA172 is a low profile GNSS, LTE, Wi-Fi All in one antenna. It integrates high-performing LTE and Wi-Fi antennas with an active GNSS antenna that supports both the GPS L1 and GLONASS L1 bands. All antennas are enclosed in a fully IP67 rated waterproof housing, designed for use in the most rugged of environments.

Typical applications include:
  • HD Video over LTE -First Responder and Emergency Services
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Internet of Things (IoT market)
  • High Definition Video Broadcast Systems
  • Wireless LTE M2M Devices
  • Digital Signage

Both the LTE antenna and the Wi-Fi antenna are designed for high efficiency, even without a ground plane. 4G LTE applications demand high-speed data uplink and downlink and the high efficiency and gain characteristics exhibited by this antenna help to achieve the required signal to noise ratio and throughput to solve these challenges. Low loss cables are used to keep efficiency high over long cable lengths.
The GNSS antenna has been optimized to work on both GPS and GLONASS bands. Dual GPS/GLONASS systems can accelerate time to first fix, especially in challenging environments such as urban canyons or any environment where a large portion of the sky is blocked. A front-end SAW filter protects the GNSS antenna’s LNA from potentially damaging out-of-band wireless transmissions, ensuring that it can be used in environments where these signals might be encountered.
Cable and connectors are customizable, contact your regional Taoglas sales office for customization and additional support.

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