Embedded Stacked Passive GPS Patch Antenna

The Taoglas GPDF357B is a precision-engineered embedded stacked passive GPS patch antenna supporting both GPS L1/Galileo E1 and L2 bands. It consists of two patches stacked with two pin feeds (one for each patch), the bottom patch is 35*35*4mm and the top patch is 25*25*3mm – making the overall dimensions just 35*35*7mm. The antenna has been tuned and tested on a 70*70mm specifically for GPS L1/Galileo E1: 1575.42MHz and GPS L2:1227.6MHz.

Both patch elements have a dual pin feed to ensure a low axial ratio and should be used in conjunction with a hybrid coupler. The antenna exhibits excellent gain and good radiation pattern stability leading to a reliable GNSS fix in areas of weaker signal strength. All these elements combined ensure the best possible positional accuracy for your device.

Typical applications include:
• High accuracy positioning and navigation systems
• UAVs, Robotics & Autonomous Vehicles
• Mapping & GIS
• Transportation & Telematics
• Precision Agriculture
• Public Safety, Search & Rescue
• RTK Systems

The GPDF357B is manufactured and tested in a TS16949 first tier automotive approved facility.

This patch can also be purchased in a version tuned specifically for 70*70mm ground plane, GPDF357A. Patch antennas can also be tuned to customer-specific device environments, subject to NRE and MOQ. Contact your regional Taoglas customer support team to request these services or additional support to integrate and test this antenna’s performance in your device.

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