Image HC125A


HC125A – Low Profile Hybrid Coupler for Multiband GNSS

Hybrid Coupler for Multiband GNSS

The Taoglas HC125A is a low profile, high performance, 3dB hybrid coupler in an easy to integrate surface mount package. It is designed for multi-feed Multiband GNSS applications. The HC125.A is particularly used for applications where balanced power and low noise amplifiers are required. It has low insertion loss and tight amplitude and can be used in power applications up to 30 Watts. It has been engineered to cover the full GNSS bandwidth of 1150 – 1630MHz.

The HC125A has been subjected to rigorous qualification testing and it is manufactured using materials with coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) compatible with common substrates such as FR4, G-10, RF-35, RO4350 and polyimide.

The HC125A is the perfect companion to ensure a successful integration of multi-feed high performance, high precision GNSS patches from Taoglas such as the full band GPDF5012.A or the dual L1 feed GPDF254.A. Integration details are included in specific product datasheets but for further information regarding the HC125A or it’s integration with any of our antennas, please contact your regional Taoglas customer support team.