Image PC240.09.0300K


PC240 433MHz -1dBi Adhesive/Permanent Mount Helical Dipole, 0.3M RG-316

The PC240.09.0300K is a 433MHz embedded Omni-directional adhesive/screw mounted, linear polarised, dipole antenna with high efficiency at only 96mm in length. The antenna was specifically designed for use in wireless alarm devices. It operates in a license-free ISM band, making the PC240.09.0300K a suitable antenna in systems such as home security & alarm, home automation, metering, remote control, industrial control, and other 433MHz applications. Most low-frequency antennas detune inside enclosures when the cable is moved to new orientations. In order to mitigate the influence of cable routing direction while installing, the PC240.09.0300K uses an LC tank balun circuit. The LC tank balun circuit stabilizes the electrical characteristics when cable length changes.

Please refer to Application Note (Section 7) for more details. The PC240.09.0300K is designed as a helical dipole structure, which can significantly shorten the length while maintaining high efficiency. Users can easily attach the antenna on their device housing via the 3M adhesive, without worrying about their housing detuning the antenna as it has been tuned on a 2mm thick ABS board, which is a typical enclosure thickness and material for electronic devices. It also has four thru-holes that users can fix the antenna with screws. With the balun circuit and helical dipole design, the PC240.09.0300K is truly a miniature 433 MHz PCB antenna, which can provide worry-free cable routing during installation.

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