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PCS.68.A – Wideband 5G/4G PCB SMD Antenna

Wideband 5G/4G PCB SMD Antenna

The Taoglas Reach Series PCS.68.A is a revolutionary 5G/4G, low profile, small footprint, patent-pending, SMD mount PCB wide-band antenna. The PCS.68.A has been designed to cover all 5G and 4G bands, including all sub-6GHz deployments across the 600MHz to 6000MHz spectrum in a very small footprint of just 42 x 10mm. It also covers 3G/ 2G bands to allow for fall-back when 5G/4G is not available. The low profile size of just 1.5mm in height allows for installation where height is at a premium.

Typical applications include
  • Autonomous/UAVs
  • Smart Metering
  • Connected Health
  • Wearable Technologies
  • Payment Terminals

The patent pending design uses printed circuit board material and innovative design techniques to deliver the highest efficiencies at all bands when mounted on the device’s main PCB. The PCS.68.A is suitable for lower cost 5G/4G applications, especially IoT projects requiring wide bandwidth and comes supplied on tape and reel to allow it to be mounted via ‘pick & place’ onto the PCB.

If tuning is required, it can also be tuned specifically depending on the device environment. Contact your local Taoglas customer support team for advice on integrating the PCS.68.A into your device.

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