Image PCUWB01.01.0500G


PCUWB01.01.0500G Ultra Wide Band FR4 Antenna 3-5GHz 6-10.3GHz with 500mm TGC-200 SMA(M)ST

Ultra Wide Band FR4 Antenna 3-5GHz 6-10.3GHz

The PCUWB.01 is an  Ultra Wide Band FR4 Antenna 3-5GHz 6-10.3GHz. Ultra Wide Band, (UWB) is a low power digital wireless technology for transmitting large amounts of digital data over a wide spectrum of frequency bands typically spanning more than 500MHz with very low power for short distances.

The low power requirements of UWB mean increased battery life of sensors and tags leading to a reduction in overall operational costs. PCUWB.01 is one of several Taoglas-developed antennas designed for seamless integration with the recently launched Decawave ScenSor DW1000 module as well as compatibility with any other UWB sensor modules on the market.

Cable and connectors for the PCUWB.01 are customizable. Contact your regional Taoglas sales office for support.

Applications and Uses

  • Precision surveying
  • Smart home and entertainment systems
  • Position Location and Tracking applications

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