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TXR™ 4 Series SMD I-PEX MHF®4 / HSC Compatible Receptacle

TXR™ 4 Series SMD I-PEX MHF®4 / HSC Compatible Receptacle

Part of the Taoglas TXR™ Series of receptacles, the TXR™ 4 RECE.20449.001E.01 is a 3-pad type wire-to-board SMT Receptacle solution that is ultra-small, lightweight and low profile, 1.6mm max. with an operational frequency range of DC to 6 GHz the TXR™ 4 RECE.20449.001E.01 is gold plated to provide superior performance and allow easy mounting of the male RF connector.

Packaged on tape and reel, this receptacle is designed to be placed with automatic “pick and place” equipment for ease of installation.

The TXR™ 4 RECE.20449.001E.01 acts as a 50 Ohm transmission line to connect the micro-miniature RF connector to the printed circuit board. It is fully compatible with I-PEX MHF ®4, I-PEX MHF ®4L, Murata HSC and all other available HSC compatible connectors.

Applicable Technologies:
TXR™ 4 RECE.20449.001E.01 receptacles are commonly integrated into GSM module, GPS module, Wireless LAN modules. Many 5G modules are currently using these compatible receptacles for the next generation of cellular applications.

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