Image TLS.01.305721


Shockwave TLS.01 5G/4G Terminal Antenna, 3M CFD200/TGC200 Fakra Code D

Mobile and Fixed 5G/4G Antenna

The Shockwave TLS.01.305721 is a permanent mount, waterproof, external 5G/4G cellular wideband antenna operating at 600-6000MHz with an N type male connector. It has been designed to be used on a Ground Plane. It can be used in mobile and fixed applications for 4G wireless such as:
• Public safety
• HD Video Streaming
• Utilities and Smart Cities
• Fleet Management
• Agricultural
• Industrial

This antenna has superior performance over wide-bands compared to traditional whip antennas. Up to 77% efficiency and with a minimum 2.2dBi peak gain over all cellular bands result when mounted on a 30×30 cm ground plane. Stable radiation patterns over low angles provides consistent gain in the horizontal plane, meaning that it is especially suitable for cellular applications.

A unique indent tab on the base of the antenna allows a wrench to be used to solidly lock the antenna on top of its mounting location while tightening up the nut beneath the metal panel. Waterproof O-rings around the bottom base prevent water from leaking under the antenna.

The TLS.01 antenna is IP67 waterproof resistant against high pressure water jets in commercial cleaning environments, which makes the antenna ideal for 5G/4G applications either in indoor or in harsh outdoor environments. For more information contact your regional Taoglas customer support team.

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