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MA600 Spartan 3in1 Permanent Mount GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO & Cellular & Wi-Fi Antenna Ø145.6*36mm

Vandal Resistant IoT GNSS, LTE, Wi-Fi Antenna

The Spartan MA600 is a vandal-resistant IoT GNSS, LTE, Wi-Fi antenna is a heavy-duty, fully IP67 waterproof external M2M for use in telematics, transportation, and remote applications. Spartan is unique in the market because it is a 3in1 GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO, Cellular (2G and 3G) and Wi-Fi, heavy-duty antenna high efficiency in a compact format. The antenna screws down permanently a roof or metal panel and can be pole or wall-mounted with a metal bracket. industries such as commercial vehicle telematics, remote monitoring, smart systems and construction equipment, the Spartan provides a robust, antenna that is durable, even in extreme environments.

All while still maintaining 20dB isolation between antennas. It uses high-shielded dielectric ultra-low-loss cables that maintain low attenuation at all frequency, with an average 0.3dB per meter (0.1dB per foot), compared to 0.7dB for and 1.2dB for RG174. Because of this, the Spartan maximizes chances of PTCRB and network approvals first time. The Spartan also has excellent
GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO reception without the need to attach to an external plane due to coupling to its unique own metal base.

Note: for ground-isolation antennas use the MA.605 version with Isolation.

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