SXP.22 – 22mm Satellite Digital Audio Ratio System (SDARS) Patch Antenna, 2320 ~ 2345 MHz

2320 ~ 2345 MHz SDARS 22mm Patch Antenna
(Satellite Digital Audio Radio System)

22*22*4mm Ceramic patch
Excellent Efficiency: >88%
High Gain (Up to 9.6 dBiC at Zenith)
Optimized LHCP Radiation Pattern
Pin & Adhesive Mounting
Manufactured in our IATF16949 approved production facility
RoHS & REACH Compliant

SKU: SXP.22.4.A.02
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Highest Efficiency SDARS Patch Antenna

The Taoglas SXP.22.4.A.02 is the highest efficiency SDARS patch antenna on the market today. It is part of a series designed for use with Satellite Digital Audio Radio Services (SDARS). It features left-hand circular polarization and excellent gain characteristics in the 2320 to 2345 MHz band, making it compatible with the most popular satellite radio services available in many new vehicles.

The SXP.22 comes in a convenient, compact form factor, with dimensions of just 22mm x 22mm x 4mm, and is manufactured with high-quality ceramic. It is mounted via pin and 3M adhesive tape. The SXP series of patches are manufactured in our IATF16949 approved production facility.

For further optimization to customer-specific device environments, custom tuned patch antennas can be supplied. Your regional Taoglas sales office can help you identify the best patch antenna for your specific SDARS application

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