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SXP.25 – 25mm Satellite Digital Audio Radio System (SDARS) Patch Antenna, 2320 ~ 2345 MHz

Impact Resistant SDARS Patch Antenna

The SXP.25 is an impact resistant SDARS patch antenna. It forms a part of a Taoglas series of patch antennas designed for use with Satellite Digital Audio Radio Services (SDARS). It is manufactured using Taoglas patent-pending Terrablast antenna technology, resulting in an ultra-lightweight, ultra-impact resistant patch.

Terrablast is a unique polymer dielectric material that was innovated by our engineers here at Taoglas. This extra-durable material can withstand trauma, drops, crashes and won’t break. It is for this reason that Terrablast is most ideal for automotive applications because of its robustness the following impact. You can read more about our Terrablast range here.

SXP.25 is an excellent choice for manufacturers of new vehicles because it is compatible with the most popular satellite radio services not featured in older designs. It features left-hand circular polarization, low in-band axial ratio, and excellent gain characteristics in 2320 to 2345 MHz band. It comes in a convenient, compact form factor, with dimensions of 25mm x 25mm x 4mm. The SXP series of patches are manufactured in our IATF16949 approved production facility.

For further optimization of customer-specific device environments, custom-tuned patch antennas can be supplied. Your regional Taoglas sales office can help you identify the best patch antenna for your specific SDARS application.

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