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TS.89.4113 Sighunter 868/915MHz Directional Terminal Mount Antenna with Flexible Gooseneck

868/915MHz Directional Terminal Mount Antenna with Flexible Gooseneck

The TS.89 Sighunter is a mechanically robust ISM / LoRa / SigFox antenna designed to be directly mounted onto a device via the flexible gooseneck and SMA(M) connector. The adjustable gooseneck cable allows for optimum positioning of the antenna in relation to the device and receive signal. The Sighunter has been designed to operate at either 868MHz or 915MHz frequencies for a fully global LoRa solution. The antenna has greater than 80% efficiency and 3.5dBi peak gain at 868MHz 80% efficiency and 2.7dBi peak gain at ISM 915MHz.

Directional radiation patterns over low angles provide focussed gain in one direction, meaning that it is especially suitable for longer range, applications like mesh networks or remote monitoring. When using this antenna, it should be directed towards the target base station or receiver, the Sighunter allows for this with its’ easily adjustable gooseneck and the gain from other directions is reduced ensuring that interference is minimised.

Typical applications include:
• Smart meters and remote monitoring
• Mesh networks
• Smart Home
• Medical Devices

The Connector can be customized subject to NRE, for more information please contact your regional Taoglas Customer Support Team.

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