Lowest Profile LTE Antenna

G24 Ultima Series Cellular Antenna is an extremely low profile 2G/3G 800MHz to 2200MHz cellular antenna solution. AT only 20mm (0.77”) in height it is the lowest profile antenna in the market, with a diameter of only 55 mm (2.16”) and is perfect for professional telematics applications. Suitable for GSM/GPRS/CDMA applications worldwide.  It works well when mounted on both metal and non-metal. In other words it does not need a metal ground-plane to attach to, to radiate, something that competitor antennas all need. Taoglas recommends a minimum cable length of 70mm when used on a ground plane to achieve an efficiency of greater than 20%.

Durable UV PC housing, thread and nut is resistant to vandalism and direct attack. The IP67 waterproof robust plastic body makes it extremely light, economical for shipping and minimum weight impact on vehicles. This also makes it ideal for use in humid environments such as water pits or marine applications as there are no metal parts to corrode. The closed-cell foam with double-sided adhesive provides a permanent waterproof seal and can adjust to different curvatures, stopping water from leaking under the antenna into the mounting hole. Lowest loss PTFE cable is used for maximum gain and reduced noise entry through the cable.

The G24 is also available in white

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