Image WCM.01.0151


WCM.01.0151 2.4GHz Button Antenna with RP-SMA(M)

Smallest RP-SMA(M) External Antenna On the Market

The WCM.01 2.4GHz antenna is the smallest RP-SMA(M) external antenna on?the market, fitting into spaces no other traditional monopole, dipole or?rubber ducky antenna can go. A unique PIFA design ensures omnidirectional?gain across 2.4GHz to 2.5GHz ensuring constant reception and transmission?to make it a great Wi-Fi antenna for 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth applications.
This antenna features greater than 60% efficiency when connected directly?to the ground plane of the device.?Typical Applications include Application Points, Routers, IoT M2M devices
and Smart home applications.

This antenna comes with an RP SMA(M) to be compatible with most Wi-Fi?applications and routers in the market. The WCM.01 antenna is also IP67?water resistant. The ideal position for the antenna to radiate is mounted clear?of metal. Connector is customizable.?Contact us at your regional Taoglas sales office for more information.

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