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June 2020


Enterprise Ireland's Evolve UK Podcast

Podcast: How COVID-19 has changed the UK Business Environment

In this episode, Enterprise Ireland Market Advisors John Hunt, Laura Brocklebank and Sarah McNabb discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the UK market and how companies have had to adapt and evolve with this transformation (Taoglas mention begins at 21:35 mark)...


Irish Advantage

Don’t stand so close to me: Irish companies resolving the challenges of social distancing

As countries around the world seek ways to live alongside Covid-19, social distancing becomes more important than ever.  For organisations and businesses, achieving it while minimising damage to productivity is vital. A raft of highly effective solutions has emerged from Ireland to help...

May 2020


Three Ireland

Innovating to make Dublin the IoT capital of Europe

DCU Alpha Innovation Campus is a community of like-minded, innovative companies that has co-located alongside DCU to benefit from its research and talent network with a particular focus on the Internet of Things (IoT). Executive Director Ronan Furlong talks about its ambitions and achievements to date...


Design & Elektronik

Das vernetzte Pferd

Das Internet of Things, kurz IoT, breitet sich mittlerweile in immer mehr Bereichen aus – jetzt ist es auch in der Reitsportindustrie angekommen: in Form einer Gesundheitsmanagementlösung für Pferde. Der Fitness-Tracker, der das Wohlergehen von Hengsten und Stuten überwachen soll, basiert auf IoT-Technik des irischen Unternehmens Taoglas...

April 2020


Irish Advantage

The U.S. 5G opportunity – is 2020 the year for take-off?

It feels as though we have been talking about 5G deployment in the U.S. for an eternity. Is 2020 the year that 5G finally takes off?



22 brilliant ways Irish medtech is fighting COVID-19

Here are 22 brilliant examples of how Irish tech and medtech are joining the global fightback against Covid-19...


The Telegraph

Will a contact tracing app actually stop the coronavirus spread?

Six weeks ago few of us had heard of contact tracing. But on Friday two of the world's most powerful companies announced a collaboration on technology to work out where patients might have picked up coronavirus, or who else they may have infected...


Ireland Southeast

Ireland South East ICT companies using innovation to fight Covid-19

Two Ireland South East tech companies are using their innovation capacity to help manage the Covid-19 crisis...


Irish Advantage

When the going gets tough, Irish tech gets going

All over Ireland digital technology companies are taking up the fight against coronavirus. Innovation is rapidly emerging in response to the global pandemic...



14 powerful examples of Irish innovation during COVID-19

From innovative services for the vulnerable in society to outstanding use of technology, here are 14 examples of Irish innovation to emerge during the fight against Covid-19...

March 2020


Silicon Republic

Taoglas launches analytics platform to track public gatherings

The Crowd Insights platform monitors and predicts data on public gatherings and social distancing limit breaches at indoor and outdoor venues. Taoglas has announced a new analytics platform called Crowd Insights, which tracks the movement of people to assist with the urgent public health need for managing crowd sizes and social distancing measures during the coronavirus pandemic.....



Why Taoglas has repurposed its tech to help detect crowd surges during the spread of coronavirus.

IRISH COMPANY TAOGLAS has launched a platform to help manage crowd sizes during the spread of the coronavirus. The platform called CROWD Insights monitors wifi hotspots and analyses the data to see when there are more people in certain areas – it relies on people leaving the wifi mechanism turned on on their mobile phones. The company, which works on internet of things (IoT) technology, said it is making the technology available to health systems “at cost”......



Taoglas introduces Crowd Insights for people movement analytics

Taoglas has unveiled Crowd Insights, a people movement analytics platform for assisting with the management of crowd sizes and social distancing at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. In an effort to assist the massively challenged health systems, Taoglas is already working with a leading hospital in Ireland to provide the solution free of charge. Taoglas will also be offering the solution to other health systems at cost.


The Irish Times

Irish company Taoglas offers new platform to help with ‘social distancing’

The Internet of Things (IoT) company is launching the Crowd Insights platform, which uses wifi to measure, monitor, predict, alert and notify venues, both indoor and outdoor venues about public gathering and social distancing limit breaches in real time. It monitors the numbers, flows and dwell times of people in public areas, with thresholds that would trigger an alarm if intervention is needed......


Yahoo Finance

Taoglas Introduces CROWD Insights™ for People Movement Analytics to Assist in the Battle Against COVID-19

Proven cloud-based analytics platform utilizes existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to measure, monitor, predict, alert and notify public gathering and social distancing limit breaches for indoor and outdoor venuesTaoglas®, a leading provider of next-generation IoT solutions, today announces its new CROWD Insights™ – a people movement analytics platform to assist with the urgent public health need for managing crowd sizes and social distancing at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.......


Microwave Journal

Taoglas and MixComm Announce 5G NR mmWave Smart Antenna Subsystem


Embedded Computing Design

Taoglas Showcased Antenna Portfolio Designed for IoT Verticals at embedded world

February 2020



Taoglas Leads 5G NR with Most Comprehensive Antenna Portfolio Designed for IoT Verticals


Irish Tech News

Taoglas Leads 5G NR with Most Comprehensive Antenna Portfolio Designed for IoT Verticals

January 2020


RCR Wireless News

Taoglas Backs a Winner: An IoT-Connected Horse Blanket