Taoglas wins business award

Taoglas is recognised for outstanding innovation as an emerging company in the International Machine-to-Machine antenna market

Taoglas, the leading M2M antenna provider, announced that that it has been honored with Wexford Chamber and Wexford County Enterprise Board’s Small Business Award 2009. At the award ceremony entitled the “Zurich Wexford Business Award”, Taoglas was awarded first place from amongst a number of other nominees in the Small Business category.

Taoglas was recognized for its ability to build a world-class antenna company with design and development in Enniscorthy and the U.S., and manufacturing in Taiwan. The company headquarters is in Enniscorthy. In only four years, since Taoglas was founded by Dermot O’Shea from Enniscorthy and Ronan Quinlan from Dublin, the company has grown from a small two-person company to become an international manufacturing and consultancy company for the machine-to-machine (M2M) antenna market worldwide. Taoglas makes a range of remote wireless antenna solutions that can be embedded in a number of devices.

In the gas and electricity market, Taoglas’ antennas are used to bring greater signal strength to the new smart meters. In the future, utility companies will be able to read meters wirelessly and even receive updates from the meter itself when power consumption is too high. It will help homeowners and companies to conserve and cut the costs of energy.

In the vehicle communication market, Taoglas antennas are used to improve the cellular connection to cars or trucks for navigation, fleet tracking and also for the new smart cars that can communicate diagnostic information such as low oil to owners.

Companies in the telemedical field use Taoglas’ antennas in their machines for remote monitoring of patients. Monitoring devices include Taoglas’ antennas to improve the connection in machines, which, for example, let doctors’ offices know if a patient’s heart rate is below normal.

“We are delighted to win the Wexford County Enterprise Board’s Small Business Award,” said Dermot O’Shea, co-founder and director from Taoglas. “Our company’s success is based on two things: We produce antennas with higher efficiency than our competitors. When you consider that the average cell phone antenna gives an efficiency of around 30%, our antennas can deliver up to 80% efficiency. They can be used in extreme environments around the world where heat, humidity and water can prove problematic. We also pride ourselves on having a personal relationship with every customer. Whether it’s to design a custom solution or deliver an off-the-shelf antenna, we work with each customer on their particular needs – sometimes even going from initial design to final antenna in three to four weeks.”


Taoglas also delivers full wireless device services including:

  • Antenna and device radio frequency (RF) consultancy.
  • Custom antenna design (GPS, cellular, diversity and WiFi.)
  • Device Noise debug services – identifying source and eliminating noise.
  • Device Testing services – active testing, field-testing and pre-approval tests.
  • Device Certification and Approval Management – FCC, SAR, PTCRB and networks.

Taoglas is unique in the antenna market because it uses a wide variety of materials: ceramic flexible PCB, metal, fibreglass, Mylar, FR4 and moulded interconnect device (MID). The company makes the widest range of GPS antennas:

  • Patch – all sizes down to 9x9x4mm (with 2mm thick variants) and full tuning capability.
  • High performance rectangular circularly polarized antennas with width of only 6mm.
  • SMT Patches – market first high temperature and vibration approved types for automotive use.
  • Noise resistant ceramic loop antennas.
  • Active patch antenna module range at all sizes for all requirements.
  • Low power 1.8v active antennas.
  • Low cost telematic / tracking antennas.
  • High performance telematic / tracking antennas (Beast range.)

Taoglas offers unique embedded cellular antennas that help customers experience superior sensitivity and decreased power consumption, including;

  • PA Series – robust tape and reel delivered SMT – including high efficiency PA25a
  • FXP Series – flexible quad and penta band cellular with cable
  • MXP Series – supported metal pifa for high efficiency, moulded interconnect antennas

About Taoglas

Taoglas, the leading M2M antenna provider, delivers an extensive range of automotive, utility, tracking and remote antenna solutions. Taoglas also provides full wireless devices services including; antenna and device RF consultancy, custom antenna design, device noise debugging and testing services, and device certification and approval. Founded in 2004, Taoglas has offices in Ireland, Taiwan, Singapore, South Africa and USA. Taoglas’ antenna design and development is carried out by Taoglas in Ireland, USA and Taiwan with production managed through Taoglas Taiwan. Taoglas customers include top tier automotive, tracking, metering and medical companies worldwide.