FXUB65 – A versatile ultra-wideband antenna

Ultra Wideband LTE Antenna Increases Versatility, Cuts Size and Costs

Most Compact Form Factor Ultra Wideband Antenna Covering 3G and 4G bands from 700-2700MHz

Enniscorthy, Ireland and San Diego, Calif,– Taoglas, a leading provider of IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine to Machine) antenna solutions, today launched the patent pending FXUB65 Minima compact ultra wideband flexible LTE antenna covering 2G, 3G and 4G bands in the 700-2700MHz spectrum for wireless device designers in the IoT industry.

“The challenge that designers have been facing of creating enough space for an antenna that gets 100 channels or more within the confines of a wireless device hasn’t been successfully addressed until now,” said Jason Dorsey, Senior Antenna Engineer at Taoglas. He added, “Including the lower 700MHz band generally warrants a large antenna. We have succeeded in making a smaller antenna without performance compromises.”

The FXUB65 Minima enables designers to use only one antenna, yet cover all frequencies globally for cellular LTE, with fallback. The IoT and M2M market is one that places a premium on compactness. At 67*58*0.2mm, the Minima is around 44 percent smaller than the next smallest antenna, yet offering comparable performance. A compact geometric design lends the FXUB65 typical efficiency of more than 50 percent across the low bands, and more than 64 percent across the high bands, achieving a 2dB and 1dB nominal margin over carrier requirements. Its design also assures a powerful isotropic pattern and allows the antenna to perform efficiently at distances as little as 20mm from a ground plane. Another winning feature of this antenna is that it is less susceptible to cable routing and variances in cable lengths compared to similar types of antenna in the marketplace.FXUB65.07.0180C_Image2

With its built-in excess bandwidth, the Minima avoids any negative performance effects of non metal surfaces it is adhered to and is not affected by variations in surface thickness. Assembled with a simple “peel and stick” process, it attaches securely via 3M adhesive.

This ultra thin compact antenna, in addition to being highly versatile, also helps keep a tight lid on manufacturing costs both initially and over a product lifetime. It comes complete with cable and connector for easy installation, and readily accommodates varying cable lengths and terminations. Delivered with a standard or customizable cable and connector to make connecting to the wireless module or customer PCB easy, the FXUB65 is available for purchase directly from Taoglas.