Image DXP.02.A


DXP.02.A – SMD L1/L2/L5 SAW Multi-Band GNSS Diplexer

Muli-Band GNSS Diplexer

The Taoglas DXP.02.A is a compact SAW diplexer for use in any navigation system application using the GPS/GALILEO L1, L2 & L5 bands.

The diplexer is designed to function as both a bandpass filter for each band and to either split one path into three or to combine the bands back into one RF feed. For example, a customer who wanted to use passive antenna elements would need to implement a diplexer in some cases to split the bands out into separate paths. It is also designed to isolate and reject any unwanted GPS signals from getting to the application port.

It is housed in a compact 5*5*1.7mm over-molded laminate package and is easy to integrate using SMD process mounting directly onto the target PCB.

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