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Evaluation Board for NCS.5820 – Extensis NB-IoT FR4 PCB Antenna for Bands 5, 8 & 20


Evaluation Board Small size, low profile SMD antenna
Global NB-IoT Coverage for:
Band 5, 824-894MHz
Band 8, 880-960MHz
Band 20, 791-862MHz
High Efficiency across each band
Evaluation Board Dimensions: 35*115mm
RoHS and REACH compliant

Image NCSD.5820


Evaluation Board for NCS.5820 – Extensis NB-IoT FR4 PCB Antenna for Bands 5, 8 & 20


Evaluation Board for NCS.5820 NB-IoT FR4 PCB Antenna for Bands 5, 8 & 20

The evolution of IoT connectivity has seen an urgent need for a low power way to connect thousands of devices. The Extensis NCS series of NB-IoT embedded antennas are the smallest form factor antennas on the market to facilitate this demand.

This part no. the NCS.5820 supports Bands 5 (824-894MHz), 8 (880-960MHz) and 20 (791-862MHz) and demonstrates excellent efficiency in providing global NB-IoT coverage. This antenna will allow the device manufacturer to enjoy mobilization between all bands so that the device can be used in more than one region with more than one carrier. On the contrary, an antenna covering only one band will have less mobility and will not be suitable for international roaming over Low Power Wide Area networks.

With a super low profile height of 1.6 mm and a footprint of just 11 x 20mm, the surface mount antenna can be easily integrated into even the smallest of devices. It allows device designers to take advantage of all of the benefits of NB-IoT technology, including reduced power consumption and increased battery life; increased system capacity and spectrum efficiency; and extended coverage in both rural and deep indoors environments all with a very small form factor. For testing, it can be supplied on the NCSD.5820 evaluation board, see section 5.2. Typical applications include Remote monitoring / Smart meters, Network devices, Smart cities & buildings, Manufacturing automation, Agriculture / Environment and asset tracking.

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