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Gemini PAD.71X Embedded 4G LTE MIMO 2*2 Antenna


Gemini Embedded LTE MIMO 2*2 Antenna with PA.710.A and PA.711.A Antennas
2G/3G/4G 2×2 MIMO systems applications
698MHz to 960MHz, 1710MHz to 2690Mhz
Highest Efficiency Wide-band Embedded MIMO Antenna
>40% Efficiency on all 2G/3G/4G Bands
SMA(F) Straight Plug
Evaluation Board Dimensions: 120*125*0.75mm
Patent Pending

Image PAD.71X.A


Gemini PAD.71X Embedded 4G LTE MIMO 2*2 Antenna


The Gemini LTE MIMO 2*2 Embedded Antenna is the only compact MIMO antenna solution for the world LTE M2M and Internet of Things (IOT) market of today. Gemini has two antenna elements, the existing PA.710 LTE MIMO ceramic antenna successfully used in many LTE MIMO devices today, along with its new brother the PA.711 LTE MIMO ceramic antenna. By altering the radiation pattern of the PA.711 to that of the PA.710 (similar to reflecting), Taoglas has created the world’s first high-efficiency MIMO embedded wide-band cellular antenna conforming to an envelope correlation co-efficient of below 0.3. This minimal self-interference is critical to achieving high data rates in today’s advanced LTE systems.

The patent-pending antenna is ideal for integration into high data throughput devices which depend on high-efficiency MIMO antennas.

Typical applications
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • High Definition Video Broadcast Systems
  • Wireless LTE MIMO M2M devices with legacy 2G/3G Functionality

Antenna board size, dimensions and antenna placement have all been carefully evaluated for optimum performance. It is not recommended to go below this antenna board dimensions, as efficiency will reduce dramatically along with poor isolation. The antennas may also need to be re-tuned to fit into different custom enclosures. Taoglas offers full customization of the antenna system for your device. Alternatively, PA.710 and PA.711 can be integrated directly on your main board, provided that you follow strict guidelines on meeting minimum main-board ground plane dimensions, transmission line design, matching, and placement of antennas.

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