Image PA.711.A


Warrior PA.711.A Wideband 4G/3G/2G SMD PIFA Antenna 40*6*5mm

The PA.711.A is the culmination of a multi-year research effort in MIMO antennas. It has been designed specifically to be used as the second antenna in a 2*2 or higher MIMO setup in conjunction with our standard PA.710.A LTE antenna. The PA.711.A has all the same attributes of the PA.710.A, a high-efficiency SMT Ceramic antenna, operating at 698MHz to 960MHz and 1710MHz to 2690MHz. Due to the subtle variation of the radiation pattern, it delivers high isolation and ECC <0.3 when used with the PA.710.A in certain layouts. This decreases the footprint needed for LTE MIMO applications compared to using other antennas. The PA.711.A is delivered on tape and reel and mounted securely during the device PCB reflow process.

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