Image GGBTP.35.3.A.40


Terrablast GGBTP.35.3.A.40 GPS L1 35*35*3.72mm Patch Antenna

Lightweight, Impact Resistant GPS RTK Antenna

The Terrablast GGBTP.35.3.A.40 is a revolutionary new antenna developed to meet the unique needs of the UAV and automotive industries. It is a lightweight, impact-resistant GPS and RTK antenna which uses a patent-pending antenna technology which results in much lighter weight and withstands impacts. The GGBTP.35.3.A.40 weights just 10g, compared with 15.5g for an equivalent ceramic patch antenna. Its impact-resistant characteristics make it ideal for applications such as automotive e-call systems or UAVs, where the antenna s mechanical and electrical integrity should survive after a crash.

The GGBTP.35.3.A.40 is mounted via a pin and double-sided adhesive. This antenna works well without modifications in most environments but can be tuned and further optimized to different ground-planes and enclosures if required. Custom antenna modifications are subject to possible NRE and minimum order quantity. Terrablast antennas are not suitable for SMD reflow. The correct method is manual soldering at a soldering temperature of 380ºC +/- 20ºC for a duration of 3 to 5 seconds. All Terrablast antennas undergo rigorous temperature, vibration and impact tests and exceed the highest ISO16750 standards.

For further information or support to test and integrate Taoglas Terrablast technology please contact your regional Taoglas facility.