Image iDAS.C.001


iDAS.C.001 – MIMO 5G/4G Ceiling Mount Omnidirectional Antenna

iDAS Indoor Wireless Ceiling Mount Antenna

This iDAS Indoor Wireless Ceiling Mount antenna is a compact 5G/4G MIMO circular antenna with high performance and low Passive Inter-Modulation (PIM) designed for use in indoor distributed antenna systems (iDAS) to address building coverage problems. The iDAS delivers powerful worldwide 5G/4G MIMO coverage while also covering the 3G and 2G bands and features a compact, easy-to-install design.

iDAS networks are an excellent solution to bring 5G/4G coverage to areas traditional base stations cannot reach:
  • Stadiums, Arenas, Convention Centers
  • Hotels, Shopping Malls, Hospitals
  • Factories, Warehouses
  • Airports, Train Stations, Bus Stations
  • Schools, College Campuses
  • Office Buildings, High-Density Residential Complexes

5G/4G applications demand high-speed data uplink and downlink. High efficiency and high gain MIMO antennas are necessary to achieve the signal to noise ratio and throughput required to solve these challenges. The UberDAS antenna is also designed for high isolation and low PIM between the two MIMO antennas to prevent self-interference. Low loss plenum rated cables are used to keep efficiency high while complying with stringent fire rating standards.

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