Image UWC.40


Accura UWC.40 3~5GHz Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) SMD Chip Antenna

The Accura UWC.40 is a tiny indoor centimeter-level positioning antenna with high efficiencies across the pulsed UWB communications bands. With dimensions of only 6*7*3mm, the UWC.40 is a very small antenna which is reliable, and powerful with more than 80% efficiencies across most of the UWB bandwidth. This antenna can be used in applications such as automotive sensors, smart airbags, precision surveying, smart home and entertainment systems and with any other application requiring indoor centimeter-level tracking. For more information download the datasheet above or contact your regional customer services office.

  • Automotive sensors
  • Smart airbags
  • Precision surveying
  • Smart home and entertainment systems
  • Centimeter Level Positioning

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