Image UWCCP.01


Accura UWB UWCCP.01 6-7 GHz Embedded Circular Polarized SMD Chip Antenna

The UWCCP.01 chip antenna is a small form factor embedded Ultra-Wideband (UWB) antenna with high efficiencies across the pulsed UWB communications operational channel 5 (6.25 GHz – 6.75 GHz). It is circularly polarized and hence very suitable for use in mobile tags in standard Time of Arrival (ToA) and advanced Angle of Arrival (AoA) localization systems. It is mounted to a PCB via standard SMD reflow process.The UWCCP.01 antenna is a durable ceramic antenna that has a peak gain of 6.5dBi, an efficiency of more than 70% across channel 5 and is designed to be mounted directly onto a PCB. It is an ideal choice for any device maker that needs to keep manufacturing costs down over the lifetime of a product. Like all such antennas, care should be taken to mount the antenna at least 3mm from metal components or surfaces, and ideally 5mm for best radiation efficiency.

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