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Minima FXUB65 Flexible Wideband Antenna, Ø1.37mm

Minima FXUB65 Flexible Wideband Antenna

The patent-pending Minima FXUB65 flexible antenna has been designed to cover 4G bands in the 700-2700 MHz spectrum, but also optimally covers 3G and 2G. The antenna has a compact, flexible, modern design, with excellent efficiencies on all target bands. The Minima comes standard with 180mm IPEX cable and connector for easy installation and can also be configured for different cable lengths and terminations. The 67x58x0.2mm FXUB65 is made from flexible polymer material, which is ultra-thin, compact and highly efficient across the 4G and 3G bands. It is installed by a simple “peel and stick” process, attaching securely to non-metal surfaces via an adhesive backing. The Minima has been designed with excess bandwidth so that performance is not affected by thicker or thinner plastic surfaces to which it is adhered. It enables designers to use only one antenna that covers all cellular communication frequencies in the IoT market.

The Minima antenna has a unique compact geometric design, which has excellent efficiency for its size and isotropic pattern at both low and high bands. This antenna if integrated optimally with enough clearance, can in most cases pass US operator requirements.

The antenna performs well at a reasonable distance, typically 20mm, from a ground and has demonstrated ease of integration into complex end-user equipment.

The FXUB65 Minima antenna has a typical efficiency of more than 50% across the low bands and 64% across the high bands. The Minima is designed to be mounted directly onto a plastic or glass cover. It is an ideal choice for any device maker that desires ease of integration and needs to keep manufacturing costs down over the lifetime of a product. Cable and connector can be customized, contact your regional Taoglas customer support team for further information.

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