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TG.55.8113W – White 5G/4G Terminal Mount Monopole Antenna

5G/4G Terminal Mount Monopole Antenna

The Taoglas TG.55.8113W is a white 5G/4G terminal mount monopole antenna, designed primarily for use with 5G/4G modules and devices that require high efficiency and peak gain to deliver best in class throughput on all major cellular bands worldwide for access points, terminals, and routers. The TG.55 covers many 5G NR Sub 6GHz bands and the antenna including the new Extended LTE Band 71, many 5G NR Sub 6GHz bands and the antenna has an SMA (M) connector as standard, including the new 600MHz band 71.

Typical Applications include:
– Gateways & Routers – Smart Metering – Vending Machines
– Industrial IoT – Smart Home – Connected Enterprise

The TG.55 exhibits an efficiency of up to 80% across wideband 5G/4G bands and is backward compatible with 3G/2G cellular applications. The TG.55 is a fully omnidirectional antenna as seen in the radiation patterns and is stable across all bands. The SMA (M) connector hinge mechanism allows the antenna to be rotated into the preferred orientation which helps to avoid other antennas or objects. This also helps with isolation by pointing the antennas in different directions when used in MIMO systems or when other antennas are present on the same device. The antenna blade can swivel 90 degrees from the connector accommodating different installation configurations.

The TG.55.8113W is also available with a black enclosure – TG.55.8113. The connector can also be customized based on an MOQ.

Contact your regional Taoglas customer support team to request these services or additional support to integrate and test this antenna’s performance in your device.

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