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ISM LoRA Antenna: Unleash the power of long range wireless connectivity

The ISM LoRA Antenna is a high performance antenna specifically designed to increase the range and reliability of Lora devices. Powered by cutting-edge technology, ISM LoRa antenna enable long-range wireless communication and seamless connectivity in a wide range of IoT applications. Whether you are working on a smart city project, deploying sensors in remote locations or building industrial automation systems, the ISM Lora Antenna is the perfect choice to ensure robust and uninterrupted wireless connectivity.

ISM Lora Antenna

Types of ISM LoRA Antenna

We offer a wide range of ISM antennas and LoRa antennas to suit different needs and applications. Our range includes

Directional antennas: These antennas focus the signal in a specific direction, enabling long-range communications and targeted coverage. Ideal for applications that require precise connectivity in specific areas.

Fibreglass antennas: Designed for outdoor use, these rugged antennas provide reliable and durable performance in harsh environments. They are resistant to harsh weather conditions, making them suitable for smart agriculture, smart city and industrial applications.

ISM LoRA Antenna applications

The ISM LoRA Antenna caters to various industries and applications, enabling long-range wireless connectivity and seamless communication. Some common applications include:

  • IoT networks: Improve the coverage and reliability of your IoT network, enabling seamless communication between devices and gateways.
  • Smart Agriculture: Optimise precision farming techniques by ensuring reliable connectivity for weather monitoring systems, irrigation control and livestock tracking.
  • Industrial automation: Facilitate efficient communication and control in industrial environments by enabling remote monitoring and maintenance of machinery and equipment.
  • Smart Cities: Support the development of smarter cities by providing reliable and extended wireless connectivity for environmental monitoring, smart street lighting and parking solutions.


Technical Specifications of ISM LoRA Antenna

Our ISM LoRA antennas are designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Here are the key technical specifications:

  • Frequency Range: Covers the ISM bands for LoRA, including 868MHz or 915MHz, ensuring compatibility with Lora devices and gateways.
  • Gain: Provides high gain, extending coverage and improving signal strength for reliable, long-range connectivity.
  • Impedance: Matched impedance for maximum power transfer and optimum performance.
  • Mounting options: Available in a variety of mounting styles, including wall and pole mount, for easy installation in a variety of environments.
  • Weatherproof: Designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, our antennas are weatherproof for durability and reliable performance in any climate.
  • Integrated Circuits: Our ISM LoRA antennas incorporate integrated circuits (ICs) to optimise performance and enhance communication capabilities. These ICs amplify signals, minimise interference and maximise range, ensuring reliable and seamless connectivity.

Our ISM/LoRA Antennas


The range of the ISM LoRA Antenna depends on various factors such as the device’s transmission power, environmental conditions and potential obstructions. With our high performance antennas and advanced IC technology, you can achieve extended range and reliable long distance communications.

Yes, our ISM LoRA antennas, including fibreglass antennas, are built to withstand outdoor conditions. They are weatherproof and provide reliable connectivity, making them suitable for various outdoor applications.

Absolutely! Our ISM LoRA antennas are compatible with a wide range of LoRA devices and gateways. They are designed to integrate seamlessly into LoRA networks and provide optimal performance.

Installing the LoRA ISM antenna is simple. Each antenna comes with mounting options suitable for different applications. Detailed installation instructions are included with each product to guide you through the process.

Experience the power of long range wireless connectivity with our high performance ISM LoRA Antenna. Designed to work seamlessly with LoRA devices and gateways, our antennas provide extended coverage, reliable connectivity and improved signal strength. Order your ISM LoRA Antenna today and unlock the full potential of your IoT applications.

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Our wide selection of ISM LoRA antennas sets the bar for performance and dependability in the market. Talk to our expert team today who can help address any questions you might have.

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