Image DSGP.1575.25.4.A.02


DSGP.1575.25 25*25*4mm GPS L1 & GALILEO E1 Ceramic Patch

GPS L1 / GALILEO E1 Ceramic Patch SMT Antenna for Tracking & Navigation

The DSGP.1575.25.4.A.02 is a 25mm ceramic GPS L1 / GALILEO E1 passive patch antenna. 25mm square with a height of just 4mm, this antenna is perfect for applications in telematics devices, vehicle tracking/fleet management systems, and navigation devices. Typically applicable industries include transportation, defense, marine, agriculture, and navigation. The antenna has been tuned on a 50*50mm ground plane, working at 1575.42MHz with a 4.34dBi gain.

The antenna has a stable hemispherical radiation pattern. The ceramic patch is mounted via SMT process, ideal for high volume, low-cost assembly. It is manufactured and tested in an IATF16949 first tier automotive approved facility. For further optimization to customer-specific device environments, custom-tuned patch antennas can be supplied, subject to NRE and MOQ. For more details please contact your regional Taoglas sales office.

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